My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Almost totally cured!

I'm sorry it has been such a long time since i have updated this blog. I have some very amazing news though! When we thought Abbey was starting to react to things again a few months ago she was actually just a very sick little girl with tonsillitis and we think also an ear infection. It wasn't until she had a febrile seizure and we ended up in hospital that we found out she had extremely bad tonsillitis. After a horrible next 4 days the antibiotics finally started working and she was back to her happy self...and also eating everything again!! We were more then excited!!

Since then she has had mild reactions to blueberries and strawberries and some massive projectile vomits from sultanas but no other symptoms. We always knew grapes were one of her worse foods so we are in the process of fixing these foods. It should only be another week or two and she will be fine with them. 

Abbey has also FINALLY started sleeping through the night. It took a couple of nights of tough love and telling her bottles were for babies and she wasn't getting one anymore. But now she is sleeping from 7pm-7am without any wake ups. I am fully enjoying my full nights sleep and am feeling so much more energetic as a result. 

For anyone that is still interested in the whole NAET treatment. There is a book written by the lady who discovered it. It is called Say Goodbye to Illness and it is written by Devi Nampudripad. She claims that all our ailments from headaches to cancer and everything in between can be caused by allergies and treated in the same way Abbey's allergies have been treated and totally cured. It is very interesting and weird at the same time. But how can i not believe it works after seeing first hand how well Abbey has done? 2 months and 6 treatments and she has gone from eating 1 food to eating almost everything!! It truly is AMAZING!! :)