My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Worst few days in a long time!!

Of course with my hubby gone for 3 weeks the reactions have to start! So much for no food trails so I could avoid dealing with reactions on my own!!

It all started on Wednesday after i took her to swimming lessons at the pool for the first time. It hadn't even crossed my mind that she might react to the water until we were in the pool and she just kept swallowing it. I hoped for the best but 7hrs later we got the first poo...and it still hasn't stopped. We had a few bad nights but thankfully she has mostly been happy enough. That is until yesterday afternoon when she found the empty muffin case from one of the other kids. In it had been a banana choc chip muffin. She barely got any of the crumbs from the edge before i saw her. I wasn't too fussed as she seems to be fine with small amounts of bad food lately. She barely ate any dinner last night but that isn't necessarily a symptom. We were at my sisters for dinner and she often isn't interested in food when we are not at home. Everything seemed fine until 10.45pm when the screaming started. It didn't stop till 3.15am. Finally she fell asleep only to already be awake at 6.30am!

Today was a horrible day! So much screaming!! After two water and mucous poos she got a little happier but was very lethargic and spent most of the afternoon either laying on the floor moaning or laying on me. At 4pm the non stop screaming started again until she finally crashed at 6pm. So for those of you wondering why i wasn't in church today this is why. I am really really hoping for some more sleep tonight and a happier little girl tomorrow.