My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Friday, 22 August 2014

Avocado = SAFE!

Even though we are only on day 5 of the avocado trial i've classed it as a pass as Iyla has had no problems what so ever and usually by day 5 we at least see some issues starting to arise if there are going to be any. We are quite surprised about this pass. It is common knowledge in the FPIES world that banana and avocado often go hand in hand reaction wise. I was a little worried about starting the trial because we know Iyla's reaction to banana is pretty bad, but the muscle test said it was fine and i've been a bit desperate for an oil to cook Iyla's food with. Avocado oil is very expensive but as least we have something now. It will make her pancakes a little easier to cook and i can roast things now too. Yay!!

Here is a picture of Iyla's dinner tonight. Looking like a very 'normal' dinner! Slow cooked lamb with gravy made from the juices, chips and some broccoli mixed with potato. She hasn't eaten it yet but i'm sure she'll love it! :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

More ups and downs

I haven't written for awhile and quite a bit has happened. Our whole family came down with a horrible flu that gave us 40 degree Celsius fevers. Panadol was needed every 4-6 hours to keep it down. Of course we already knew that Iyla was allergic to Panadol and at first we tried the suppository ones which worked but still caused mild reflux issues. We coped with that ok but then it stopped working and didn't bring down her fever at all so we had to give her oral Panadol. This caused reflux, diarrhoea and sleep problems, we didn't have a choice though but to give it to her. I decided that i really needed to get her some compounded Panadol without any flavours, additives or preservatives. I called up a pharmacy in Perth as there isn't one here and got a 6 month supply for a crazy $45 plus $10 postage. But it's best to have some on hand just in case. I'm hoping now that we have something that can help ease her reaction pain now too.

She has had a few reactions lately too. One quite bad one about a week ago that involved a lot of screaming! I'm not really used to that anymore! It was horrible!

On Friday she got into my bag of M&M's and ate at least a handful before i saw her. I was freaking out she would react badly but she surprised us. She was happy all day and just had a little bit of reflux. That night she slept through the night! Yesterday she stank the entire house out with her poo though!! It was putrid and runny and full of mucous! Only one though so that also was surprising.

Even with all this going on she has passed another food!! Watermelon is now a safe food! I've been trialing it for a week and she hasn't had a single problem. 7 safe foods now!! It's so exciting!!