My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Huge improvement in oats allergy!!

1 and a half weeks ago my little climber got into the pantry, climbed up a few shelves and found a box of muesli bars. I was busy hanging up washing outside and had no idea what she was up to. When i found her she had bitten through the wrapping and eaten about 1/4 of the muesli bar. I was in sudden freak out mode. There were sooo many bad foods in that bar! Oats, rice, sultanas, apple, sunflower oil and the list goes on. Amazingly though apart from a few foul poos the next day there was no reaction. I was in shock and so confused. How could she react to such a teeny tiny amount of pumpkin just days before and then eat a few mouthfuls of her worst known foods without a single problem?? FPIES is so weird!! 

The next day i decided to be brave and fed her a little bit more of the muesli bar. I just wanted to know if it was just a fluke that there was no real reaction or if she had actually started to outgrow some of her allergies. There was still no problems apart from one mucous filled poo. Excitement started to kick in. Could this be it?? Could her body be starting to tolerate foods that previously she reacted to severely? I decided then it was time to do an oat trial. 

It's been 9 days of her having small amounts of porridge for breakfast. Things since starting have been very confusing. We have had good days and bad days, normal poo and disgusting poo, tantrums, sensory issues and some reflux. It hasn't been overly bad but even staying on 2 teaspoons hasn't improved anything. I was going to stick to it but this Mumma needs sleep. Night times (especially the last 3) have been terrible. I'm tired and over it. 

It is absolutely awesome that she has tolerated oats so well compared to what used to happen when she was a baby. But i don't think there is any point pushing it right now. I'll wait another 6 months and then give it another try. 

For the next three weeks we are having another break from trials as Reuben is away and i don't feel like dealing with any reactions on my own. I'll keep you posted on what we try next. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Pumpkin = FAIL

I usually don't start trials at dinner time but sometimes i have this feeling Iyla will be fine with the food and then just give her some. Well last night was one of those nights where it was my own fault i was up all night with a screaming child. After her usual dinner i went to give her half a teaspoon of the pumpkin soup i made. She HATED it and spat what i thought was all of it out. I then gave her some cheese and she dropped it into a drop of the pumpkin soup that was on her highchair. Well as i'm sure you guessed she down right refused to eat that cheese even after i wiped the soup off. This is extremely out of character for Iyla. She likes most foods and you would think that pumpkin soup being so sweet would be a huge hit. And to give up her cheese like that! Anyone who knows Iyla well enough will know how obsessed she is with her cheese!

She must have ingested the tiniest bit of pumpkin and we had a pretty horrible night. There was no vomiting but lots of obvious tummy pain and reflux. Usually i would push on for another day and see if things got worse but because she isn't going to eat it anyway there is no point. We'll just add it to the bad foods list and stay away from it for now.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Ready to start foods again...

Over the past 5 weeks we haven't done any food trails as we all just wanted a break and to be able to enjoy Christmas and the start to a new year.

But it's about that time again that we start a new food. It's going to be pumpkin so we will see how that goes. Right now i have some pumpkin soup cooking on the stove with butternut pumpkin, onion, potato, carrot and homemade chicken stock. It should taste good! Hopefully Iyla thinks so too and isn't too upset that she can only have one spoon of it at the start. I'm not sure yet it i'm going to start tonight or wait till after the weekend. I can't decide what is better, having Reuben home to help me deal with it if she does have a reaction or waiting until during the week so that we can enjoy our weekend together. Hoping we get another pass anyway! Having no reaction would be awesome!!

I'm not sure if i mentioned earlier but before our break Iyla added beef to her diet. This has been really handy!

I hope this year is a fantastic year for all of you!