My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Friday, 16 January 2015

Ready to start foods again...

Over the past 5 weeks we haven't done any food trails as we all just wanted a break and to be able to enjoy Christmas and the start to a new year.

But it's about that time again that we start a new food. It's going to be pumpkin so we will see how that goes. Right now i have some pumpkin soup cooking on the stove with butternut pumpkin, onion, potato, carrot and homemade chicken stock. It should taste good! Hopefully Iyla thinks so too and isn't too upset that she can only have one spoon of it at the start. I'm not sure yet it i'm going to start tonight or wait till after the weekend. I can't decide what is better, having Reuben home to help me deal with it if she does have a reaction or waiting until during the week so that we can enjoy our weekend together. Hoping we get another pass anyway! Having no reaction would be awesome!!

I'm not sure if i mentioned earlier but before our break Iyla added beef to her diet. This has been really handy!

I hope this year is a fantastic year for all of you! 

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