My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

We are reliving our nightmare all over again!

It has been such a long time since my last post, but it seems like we are back in the world of allergies and more then likely FPIES all over again.

Abbey is doing great and still eating basically everything with no problems. The only foods she still has issues with are fruits like berries, grapes and melons. Her reactions are very mild though and really only cause some unsettled sleep, mild spit up and terrible behaviour.

We have added to our family though and on the 27th of June, I gave birth to another beautiful little girl. We named her Iyla Mae and are very much in love. She is just gorgeous! The poor little thing is suffering though. Already from 5 days old i started noticing her poo changing from the black newborn poo to green and it wasn't the normal dark green poo that babies can have as the black goes away. It was neon green. I knew then that things weren't looking good. As the days past, her poo started to fill with mucus and she was miserable! She was also spewing HEAPS! We were struggling to get 3 hours of sleep a night and the screaming was becoming crazy. At a week and a half old i took her to see my chiro to begin the NAET treatment that had cured Abbey. We worked out that she was allergic to amino acids. Exactly the same as Abbey. The chiro did his treatment and sent us on our way. We both expected it to work right away. Less then a week later things hadn't improved so we were back. He did the treatment again and again it didn't work. My chiro said that it probably wasn't working because i was breastfeeding and Iyla was still being exposed to amino acids through my milk. Every food has amino acids in it so it was impossible for me to cut out foods. After treatment it is recommended to avoid the allergen for 24hours. I was becoming desperate for the treatment to hurry up and work so before Iyla's next appointment with the chiro i bought some goats milk formula for her. This worked well with Abbey at first so after doing the muscle testing to see if she was allergic to it (she wasn't!) i fed her formula for 2 days. Then she had her appointment and for another day i fed her formula. She improved dramatically! her sleep improved, her screaming improved, her spewing improved, it was amazing. But i was also desperate to breastfeed. 24 hours after her NAET treatment the muscle test was showing that she was no longer allergic to amino acids. Yay!! I was so excited! I was going to be able to breastfeed and Iyla was going to be cured!

My excitement was short lived though. 3 days later she had a horrible reaction. Inconsolable screaming. Projectile vomiting and for 3 days after mucus filled diarrhoea. We worked out that the reaction was more then likely from rice which i had eaten for dinner the night before (which makes me certain Iyla has FPIES as rice is one of the most common triggers.) We haven't had another chiro appointment yet but i'm desperate for our one coming up on Monday. We have been trying to do the treatment ourselves with rice but it isn't working. I have cut out rice in my diet but she is still randomly reacting to things that we can't figure out. She is doing about 3-6 huge projectile vomits a day, she is barely ever happy. Her day consists of feeding, screaming for 1-3 hours and sleeping. Her poo is also randomly full of mucus. She is sleeping better at night time though which i am incredibly thankful for!

I really hope we can work out what she is all reacting to separately to the amino acids. Abbey's main issue was amino acids too but once that was cured we still had to work on all her worst allergies separately. If there are too many foods Iyla is allergic to, i will quit breastfeeding as i can't put her through all this pain any longer. If there are only a few foods i'll try cut them out of my diet until we can get them treated and hopefully cured. I so badly don't want to give up breastfeeding, but if i have to for some sanity and a baby that isn't in pain then i'll do it. I really want to wait until i know for sure what i'm up against though before giving it up when i might hopefully only have to cut out a few foods.

We were desperately hoping my entire pregnancy that our baby wouldn't have to suffer from FPIES. But here we are again. At least we know what we are dealing with this time. It definitely makes it easier. We have a plan and although it isn't working how we hoped we are still very optimistic that NAET will eventually work for Iyla. We are sure that eventually she will be cured and hopefully a much happier baby. In the meantime we just have to suffer the hours of screaming and sleepless nights.

My beautiful little darling

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  1. Giving up breastfeeding and seeing our child cry because of pain could be the worst feeling a mother would feel. Thankfully, your chiro is very helpful and guided you through the whole treatment. Somehow, it lightened up your problem. How's Iyla, by the way? I hope she's feeling better. => Tanisha @ US Health Works (Lynnwood Center)