My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Friday, 24 January 2014

Ear infection, onion, reaction, poo, poo and more poo

Last Saturday Iyla was completely miserable. She screamed almost the whole afternoon, hysterically! She was constantly pulling on her ear and it was quite red. After Abbey reacted to so many antibiotics for ear infections when she was a baby we found out that onion juice is an amazing natural cure and worked awesome for her. We decided to see if putting some in Iyla's ear would make her happier. Within a minute she was back to her happy normal self and actually fell asleep!! The next day she was mainly happy, but by night time was a crying mess again. I used the onion again and within minutes she was back to herself. Monday things began to go downhill. She refused to sleep, she cried and cried and cried no matter what i did. Onion in her ear did nothing. Monday night she barely slept and Tuesday she was even more miserable. Because she wasn't spewing i thought it couldn't be a reaction and i thought maybe the onion hadn't worked for the infection. I took her to the doctor but her ears were completely clear and nothing else appeared to be wrong. I didn't bother with anymore onion knowing her ears were now fine. Late that afternoon had been 24hrs since her last onion dose and she was finally happier again!!! The only thing now was that diarrhoea had started. But as long as she was happy, i was happy.
Now it is Friday and the diarrhoea hasn't let up. Sometimes all she is pooing out is big blobs of mucus and she has a terrible nappy rash. Poor poppet. We are hoping that it ends soon. She is still mostly happy apart from when her rash is hurting her.

Who would have thought though that it was possible to react to something through an ear?? It baffled me but it's really the only thing that makes sense. I guess we will know for sure next time she has an ear infection. I would still choose the onion over antibiotics.

Today i also had this thought. It was a thought that got me really excited. What if Iyla isn't allergic to apple, but because i cooked it in a pan that has cooked other food she is reacting to that instead. So we decided to use our trusty muscle testing again. We tested a plain raw apple which we have tested before and it tested good. Again it tested good. We tested the apple i cooked for her and it tested bad. We then held the pan against her and tested and that tested REALLY bad! I don't want to get my hopes up! But i am getting them up! I am going to buy a new pan that i will only use for cooking Iyla's food and we are going to retest apple! How awesome would it be if she can tolerate it!? Hoping and praying this is the case!!!

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