My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Some good news!

It is so exciting to post some good news. Iyla passed her Neocate Spoon trial and since then we have also started an apple trial and are ready to call that a pass too. It's been 5 days today and we weren't very strict with how much she had as we were sure there would be no reaction and she has had pretty much as much as she wants. She is having a few issues swallowing the puree but still loves being fed, loves the taste and LOVES spitting it all over me hahaha. She has been cutting her first two teeth and because i can't give her panadol or teething gel for the pain i have been giving her cold raw apple to chew and suck on. She thinks this is fantastic and can't get enough. It is the most amazing thing watching her eat! The enjoyment on her little face is priceless.

Over the past few weeks Iyla has still had a few reactions. One was my fault when i got a bit too confident and let her suck on a piece of banana one day. (It get so difficult not being able to feed her when she looks at me longingly when i eat!) The look of complete and utter delight on her face at the taste wasn't worth watching her in agony later that night or getting covered in vomit.
Another milder reaction happened while we were away for the long weekend. We aren't sure what it was from but knew she had been chewing on something. Just couldn't figure out what it was. We barely got any sleep that night but thankfully the screaming wasn't too much and she didn't even wake Beck or Zenon up who were sharing our cabin. For 2 days later she had a few explosive nappies a day and she completely lost her appetite. It was a struggle to get 400ml into her a day. Thankfully she is back to her normal self again.

Even though things are mainly going well, we still never know what will happen in a day. I have to stay on top of my cleaning so we avoid accidental reactions and i wont feed her again with something we aren't trialing. Sometimes i just feel a bit crazy and this whole thing isn't real when she doesn't have a reaction for awhile. She is such a normal happy baby otherwise. I hate how food is so dangerous!

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