My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lamb = SAFE!!!

I'm ready to do a happy dance!! Iyla has her second safe food!! So exciting! We are on day 8 of lamb today and she hasn't had any reaction to it what so ever! We usually do 10 day trials but because there are no issues i increased the amount she was eating sooner then i normally would and she is having full servings. She is loving it! I gave her a diced piece just cooked in the oven yesterday instead of pureed and she thought that was great to chew on.

Tomorrow i have decided to start a wheat trial. Her dietician wants us to trial quinoa but after doing the muscle testing for wheat and it being fine i think we'll try that first. If it doesn't work we'll trial quinoa instead. 

 Enjoying using the lamb to help with teething

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