My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 16 June 2014

Another pass and the start of a new trial

I thought i better write an update to let you all know that honeydew melon is also a pass for the gorgeous little miss Iyla! 4 safe foods now!! So exciting! :)

Yesterday we started a potato trial. Again she has horrible mucous filled poo and she only slept half an hour all day today but apart from that she was mainly happy. We'll just have to see how she goes and hope it's like the other foods and this is just an adjustment period.

Over the past few weeks i have had so many comments from people thinking she has suddenly outgrown all her allergies and that is why she is having so many passes with foods now. I thought i would clarify that NO she has not yet outgrown all her allergies but it is quite possible that because she is nearing her first birthday that her stomach has matured just that little bit more and that is why it is finally starting to tolerate some foods. Which is GREAT! Don't get me wrong, but life with these allergies is nowhere near over yet and it is still a daily struggle to keep her from picking up crumbs and a guessing game when she does have a reaction to what could have caused it. Even with all these passes she has still had reactions in the past few weeks too. It's definitely not over yet!

I did some test baking today and used the recipe for the pancakes i've been making her (flour, neocate formula and sugar) to make a cupcake and i'm excited to say it worked!!! I will use pure icing sugar (it can't be regular as they add corn to it to stop it from clumping up) and water to make some icing and then she can have a special treat on her birthday. It's going to be very exciting seeing her enjoy something so yummy!! :)

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