My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Over the past few weeks...

Things haven't been going so great for Iyla for the past couple of weeks. I haven't written about it yet as there was all too much excitement around her birthday.

It all started last Monday when i came home from doing my grocery shopping and decided to go to the toilet before i put the food away. I came back to find Iyla happily munching on a banana. She had bitten right through the peel and was sucking out the inside. She had managed to get quite a bit too. It was time for her nap soon after this so i put her to bed. She woke up 1.5hrs later (exactly 2hrs after eating the banana) screaming like she was being murdered. I went into her room and she had vomited ALL through her bed. I cleaned her up and changed her clothes, only to have her projectile vomit everywhere again. Thankfully we were in the laundry and feeling the spew come i held her away from me and she only vomited on the floor. After this she was extremely tired, clammy and in a lot of pain. I sat holding her on the couch for 1.5hrs while she groaned, moaned, cried, pulled her legs up, curled up into a ball and really didn't know what to do with herself. After this she fell into a deep sleep in my arms but i managed to transfer her into her bed. I had to wake her 2hrs later to go pick Connor up from school. She was feeling better when she woke up but refused to eat or drink and was still very pale.

She had been on her second day of a fish trial but from advise from the dietician we decided to stop the trial for a week and give her gut some time to rest and also make sure this bad reaction wouldn't cause her to lose any of her safe foods.

The next day she was MISERABLE!!! I was surprised she hadn't gotten diarrhoea yet but by that afternoon she was actually severely constipated (this can be another reaction symptom and seems to become an issue around bubs first birthday. We had the same problem with Abbey) Her poo, although hard was still coming out with clumps of mucous.

We had a doctors appointment to get a new script for Iyla's formula and i had to see a new doctor as our usual doctor is away on maternity leave. This doctor had never heard of FPIES so it was good to be able to educate someone else on the condition. He also sent Iyla to get blood tests. I don't know if you remember when she was 4 months she got blood tests to check her vitamin D and iron which were both really low. It was meant to be followed up 3 months later but we never got around to it. Poor miss was already miserable and then we had to do that. It was hard to watch but she was very brave. We got the results in the mail yesterday and her vitamin D is now borderline but her iron is still low. Looks like we have to trial some foods that are high in iron. 

By her birthday Iyla was better reaction wise. But then had caught the dreaded flu. She had a low grade fever, horrible cough and runny nose. We had some sleepless nights due to all her coughing.

Once she was over the flu she found a chip on the floor that one of the kids must have dropped during dinner the night before. Although she is ok with potato she does not tolerate oil very well. This is weird to me as oil has no protein. But obviously there is something in it that she can't tolerate. Abbey was always fine with oils. It makes it really hard with cooking her food. We have tried olive oil and canola oil without success and we muscle tested sunflower oil which tests pretty bad too.

Since eating the chip (which was on Saturday) She just hasn't been herself. She is barely drinking bottles, is really grumpy and is barely sleeping during the day (thankfully not too bad over night!) Her poo isn't diarrhoea but still runny, full of mucous and instant butt burning. She is lots happier today and had a more solid poo this morning. Hopefully this is the end of all the problems and we can start another food in a few days. We have decided to skip fish for the time being and trial spinach instead to build up her iron levels.

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