My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 2 March 2015

I did something crazy...

Last week Monday i did something crazy...I started 3 new food trials with Iyla at the same time! I admit i was scared, but i also just want to add to her diet so badly. I figured if things went badly it wasn't too hard to cut back on two of the foods and then trial one at a time. We were extremely lucky..blessed really...that she has past all 3 of those foods!!! It's so exciting!! So now we have added sweet potato, mushrooms and pear into her diet. With pear being a previous bad food it was very exciting that she passed that one too! I wanted to try mushrooms so that i could get more flavour into her dinners. I am a little shocked still that she LOVES them and although she won't eat them raw, she will eat them after they have been fried and has happily eaten them alongside her breakfast for the past week. Sweet potato was a bit of an issue at the start as she really didn't like it. But after hiding it in her vitabrits every morning she started to get used to the taste and now i have added it to her dinner without any gagging or spitting it out. 

For this week we will just keep going with the 3 new foods and hope for no build up reactions but next week we are planning to start another 3 food trial. Hopefully we have the same results!! 

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