My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I'm so excited!!

Iyla is almost 22 months and seems to be at the end of her FPIES journey! After her last bout of vomiting which thankfully turned out to be gastro, she is just passing food after food after food. We started trialing things 3 foods at a time but now we are getting braver and are giving her small amounts of most foods except her previous really bad ones. Things that we know for sure she has passed are


all oils
green beans
passion fruit

2 times now she has had the same dinner as us which is so exciting for her and us! The first was spaghetti (i just used an organic pasta sauce) and tonight she had chicken parmigiana, chips and salad. She is also eating shop bought bread without any problems. Which is quite amazing as it has soy flour in it!
The only thing that she has eaten recently which has caused a mild reaction (up all night with tummy pains both times) was m&m's. But really what was i thinking? Definitely not the best food to feed a kid with allergies. I just couldn't resist those pleading eyes and cute little voice asking for 'more lollies.'

I'll keep you all updated as to how she continues to go but it is looking extremely promising!

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