My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 11 June 2012

Life is good!

It is so nice to finally be able to write some happy positive posts. I was starting to think that life would never get any easier. It's funny how when things are bad you can't look past the bad and kind of feel that it will always be that way. Now that things are going good i keep thinking that it can't possibly get bad again and maybe...just maybe Abbey is finally growing out of her FPIES. I'm trying not to let myself go there because i'm sure we aren't anywhere near her growing out of it. We only have 1 (can just about say 2) safe foods and i don't want to put myself up for disappointment if she has another bad reaction. But i'm hoping and praying that things will just continue to get better from here. 

We have seen HUGE improvement since giving her probiotics though. Over the past week she has eaten food off the floor - part of an Anzac biscuit (containing oats and wheat) and cherrios (containing rice, corn, oats and wheat) and has only had the slightest reaction to them. A bit of disturbed sleep, a few spit ups and some long lasting wet hiccups. But overall they could hardly be classed as reactions. Before giving her probiotics she would react to the slightest amount of anything and sometimes wouldn't even need to swallow something to react to it. It's going to make my life so much easier if this continues because i wont need to stress out so much if she does find something on the floor. Usually i go into panic mode. Watch her every move, jump at the sound of every cough, hiccup, or burp waiting for her to vomit. I seriously get way to worked up about it but waiting for the moment your child is going to start screaming inconsolably and not be able to do anything to help her through the pain is the worst waiting game ever. 

I am so thankful for the break we are getting now though. I was in desperate need of one! And 2 weeks of no bad reactions has been amazing! I'm starting to feel like i have a normal family again. I have been able to enjoy time with Reuben and i feel i have way more patience to deal with the kids during the day. I can definitely tell that Connor is noticing less tension and stress in the house too. He has been so happy and talkative and not playing up half as often. I am really enjoying my new found happy little girl too. She is so full of smiles and is really starting to grow up. I think because she isn't feeling sick now she is able to learn so many new things and every day she is learning heaps of new words. I think when she starts talking a bit more this house is going to be a full on chatter box! Between Connor, Abbey and myself there will never be a quiet minute. :)

Now the only thing that needs improving is Abbey's sleep! But i know that until she starts tolerating more formula powder in her bottles i wont be getting any full night sleeps. At least she is only waking up for a bottle and then going right back to sleep but having up to 4 disturbances a night really doesn't make for a very good nights sleep. And after almost 16 months of Abbey only sleeping through a few times, the lack of sleep really does start to add up. I'm really looking forward to a solid week of no wake ups! Hopefully one day soon. But i shouldn't really complain, i feel very blessed and thankful for the huge improvements we have had!! We just need to take it one tiny baby step at a time!

Here is Abbey covered in pumpkin this morning! We are on day 5 of our trial and everything is going well so it looks like another pass!! Yippee!! :)

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