My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Saturday, 16 June 2012

We need some sleep!!

I really need to remind myself how i coped with 2hrs or less of sleep a night for the first 7 months of Abbey's life. We have had 4 horrible nights here after starting Abbey on fish and i have had enough. I've even managed 3-4hrs of sleep. But i guess when your body is used to a bit more sleep again, as soon as you get deprived it takes awhile to adjust. I have decided to call fish a fail anyway so hopefully the night sleeps will improve.

Her reaction to it wasn't too bad, just difficulty sleeping, comfort feeding (drinking 11+ bottles a day), one large vomit and one horrible poo this morning. Thankfully during the day she was still mainly happy. I was going to keep going with the trial but we are struggling to get her to eat it now and its just not worth trying to force it on her when i know more than likely her reaction to it will only get worse and not better. I even tried to hide it in her other food but she found it pretty quick and spat it out and refused another bite. A bit of a change from the first day when she chewed on the small piece i gave her for ages, smiling away and saying yum, yum, yum.

I haven't talked to my dietician about any of this yet so she might have other ideas, but I'm pretty sure she will let me do what i think is best. I'm not sure what food we are going to try next but hopefully we will find something Abbey can tolerate soon. I knew i was getting a bit ahead of myself in my last post saying i was hoping Abbey was outgrowing her allergies...I have to remember, just one tiny baby step at a time.

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