My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Not quite all over yet

So here i am back again. I was hoping that wouldn't happen but oh well sometimes the 'magic cure' doesn't fully work. Abbey has been reacting to things again in the last week or so. They haven't been bad reactions, thankfully nothing like what she used to get, but they are still reactions and are causing her some pain, discomfort and some very very foul moods! She has thrown up (huge amounts) twice in the last week and although she had one pretty horrible diarrhoea poop she is now badly constipated. I took her back to the chiro this morning and he tested some things again. Amino acids were fine but wheat, soy and dairy were bad again. I hadn't expected dairy but am thankful he checked for it. He did the massage thing again with those 3 foods and then we got talking about her continuing to react to things and he thinks now that it seems her body still can't handle big doses of these foods. He said sometimes NAET will cure the allergy completely but in some more serious cases the body still wont tolerate it in a fully normal diet. We have to avoid these foods now for 24hrs completely so that the treatment will work better but then after that we still need to be careful in how much we feed her. We are thinking of starting a rotation diet so that we only feed her the foods that she keeps reacting to for a few days or a week and then giving that food a break and bringing in another food and then continuing to swap it around. I am also sure that wheat, soy and dairy aren't the only ones causing problems at the moment as we have done the muscle testing to more things and they are also bad. But i will continue to take her to the chiro until we figure them all out completely. He is only able to do a few foods at a time or the body will get too confused and the treatments wont be as effective.

So we still aren't going to be able to have a totally normal food life with Abbey until she outgrows FPIES, but it is better, LOTS LOTS better. So for that we are still very thankful!! :)

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