My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Super duper sensitive!!

So although Iyla is doing fantastic on goats milk formula she is still having lots of random mild reactions. We aren't really sure how these are happening but we are guessing that just us touching her dummy after eating, or kissing her is causing them. Awhile ago i kissed her after eating rice for dinner and we had a terrible night of screaming, spewing and green mucousy diarrhoea. It's pretty crazy really!
Last night was another REALLY bad night. I was a bit shocked as i have been so careful with everything. I wash my hands after eating, i make sure i wash her bottles separate from the other dishes, i try not to touch the part of her dummy that goes into her mouth and i haven't kissed her on the lips in weeks. But i guess a tiny slip up is easy, and it could also have been from one of the kids touching her or her dummy.
I'm really hoping that this insane sensitivity will get better as she gets older and her stomach matures a little. It's so hard to have to watch everything that goes near her every second of the day. And when she starts to become mobile it will become a whole different ball game. It's also making me dread starting solids even more. If she gets so sick from the tiniest trace of food, i don't want to know how she is going to react to a mouthful of it. Eeeekkk! But i'll have to try not think about that for now. It's still awhile away. Mind you time is flying so she'll be 6 months before we know it!

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