My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 16 September 2013

Trialing another weird and wonderful chiro treatment

Although Iyla is doing better lately she is still having mild reactions to who knows what. I took her back to the chiro so he could do some more NAET treatment on her and she is still badly allergic to dairy, rice and oats and mildly allergic to eggs. He treated her again for these things but as yet we are unsure if it has worked. So far in the past it hasn't for some weird reason. He also told me about another treatment we could try. It's called Inergetix CoRe and it's even weirder then NAET in my opinion. But if NAET worked so well with Abbey and Reuben (it has cured Reuben of his all year round hayfever) then why not try something else. It's not going to hurt and if it gets my little girl better i'll be one happy mummy!
Ok so this is how it works- I gave the chiro one of Iyla's nail clippings and he puts it into a special computer that can somehow check through her DNA and list all her allergies. Then he puts all her body information into a magnetic bracelet which she wears and somehow it is meant to clear her body of the allergies. Yes i told you it was weird. Well I went back to him today to pick up the bracelet and although he couldn't remember everything she was allergic to he said the list was long. Strangely at the top of the list was allergies to dust and pollen. She does sneeze quite a lot, but don't all babies? I remember Connor and Abbey sneezing all the time in the first few months too. I asked if if it was at all possible for dust or pollen to cause vomiting and diarrhoea but he has no idea so that doesn't help me much. But anyway she is wearing the bracelet around her ankle now and she needs to keep it on for 4 weeks and then we will do the process again and see if any of her allergies are cleared. Here is a link to come more information about the Inergetix CoRe - if you're interested.

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