My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Still having reactions

Since having this inergetix CoRe anklet on Iyla we haven't really need any improvement. For the past two weeks we have been on holidays and Iyla was fantastic. But the entire time she had runny mucusy green poo. Although she was still really happy, on one of the days she had an hour of screaming in obvious pain and she was pretty spewy. It took until a few days before we left for me to think that maybe it was sunscreen that was causing the problem. I had only put some on her a couple of times but with me having it on my skin and holding her she could have easily licked it off. I became extremely careful and didn't let her lay her head against my shoulder without a cloth being in between and after applying sunscreen i washed my hands thoroughly. Within a day her poo was back to normal. Problem solved :).
When we were on our way home though (we drove 10.5hrs one day and 4hrs the second day) she had another horrible reaction. It was awful dealing with it in the car. She screamed for 6 hours with only a few short sleeps in between. She soaked her clothes in poo and spew so we had to stop lots to change her. It was the worst trip ever! 
So sadly there hasn't been a magical cure. I am going to take Iyla back to the chiro again next week if i can get an appointment so we will see what he says.

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