My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Friday, 23 March 2012

It's so hard to know

Right now we have a sick little munchkin. She started being really unsettled on Wednesday and her nose started dripping. By night time though she was having huge screaming fits and just wasn't going to sleep. Finally at 9pm she seemed to have settled properly and i decided to go to bed too.

I'm glad i did because from midnight onward i defiantly wasn't getting much. Abbey woke up and screamed blue murder for an hour. She was in obvious pain, wriggling like crazy and throwing herself around. She just didn't know what to do with herself. It really looked like she was reacting to something but with gastro going around i started worrying that she was getting that. I also hadn't given her any food and i hadn't found her eating anything off the floor. The rest of the night she would sleep for 5 minutes and then scream for about half an hour and this just went on and on.

By Thursday night the diarrhoea had started and she still was very miserable and having random screaming fits. Since finding out about Abbey's allergies i have become an expert poo inspector. It usually has the answer i'm looking for. Reaction or just teething? Has she eaten something i didn't notice or is her poo normal? Well this time i found my answer with 2 tiny pieces of grated carrot staring me in the face.

It's times like this i have to try stop myself from feeling guilty. We had salad with grated carrot for dinner on Wednesday night and obviously i had dropped some pieces on the floor without noticing. I wish that i had super powers to spot every bit of food that has landed on the floor so that i can clean it up before Abbey gets it. But believe me when i say, she is the one with super powers for finding dropped food! She spots it instantly and will hone in on it in a heartbeat. I can never get over how quick she is, and then a huge battle follows to get it out of her mouth! Abbey having teeth now doesn't help. She can chomp down pretty hard with those pointy things!

Well anyway back to the story. I had my answer with the carrot but i was still wondering if gastro still was the main cause and in a way i was waiting for the vomiting. But it never came. Although not going to sleep till after 10pm on Thursday night and still having random grumpy/crying/screaming times she pretty much slept fine for the rest of the night.

On Friday morning i decided it was just a reaction to the carrot and i was thankful that she didn't get gastro. She still wasn't herself on Friday but having a bad cold probably didn't help with that. During the day though she got into my nappy bag that was in the laundry cupboard. She is getting taller now and things she couldn't reach before she can now. I wasn't that fussed though as she was having fun and i didn't think there was anything in there that could cause any problems. Well i was wrong. i had forgotten to take out Connor's drink bottle and unfortunately it still had some juice left in it. (probably starting to ferment YUCK) I hadn't seen her drink anything and was hoping so bad she hasn't but we found out a few hours later that obviously she had. So we had another night of screaming and diarrhoea.

Its always such a guessing game as to what could be wrong with Abbey when she cries. But i am thankful that when she isn't reacting to something she is the most perfect baby out so it does make my guessing just that little bit easier.

                                                 Here is my poor sick little girl

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