My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Saturday, 31 March 2012

No more soy

After another talk with my dietitian about all Abbey's tantrums and screaming completely ending after 18hrs off the soy formula; we have decided to call it a fail and move on. She talked to my immunologist and they have also decided not to even try the Pepti Jr formula with Abbey and go straight to a formula called Neocate or Elecare which is the least allergenic type of formula. So I'll be getting a script for it and will hopefully get it by the end of next week or early the week after.

It has been so nice to have Abbey happy again! We have had a great day! She has even decided today that she is finally interested in learning to walk and took her first 2 steps! She has been trying all afternoon. It is just a matter of her daring to do it, as we know she has the balance. She can stand alone waving her arms around like crazy and not fall over so she should be able to balance herself while walking I would think. 

She also learned to say her own name this week and its so cute hearing her. She says is very drawn out like 'Aaabbaayy'. She amazes me with how many words she can already say. I was trying to count them all and got up to 20. But there is probably more that i have forgotten. I think she is going to be a chatter box just like her brother! I guess that it's quite understandable though, seeing as Reuben and me are also big talkers. :)

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