My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Soy formula trial UPDATE

Ok, so since starting Abbey on the soy formula she has made everything very confusing. After her first 2 bottles she did one vomit, had one horrible diarrhoea nappy and had a few screaming fits but other than that was pretty happy. We gave her a break over night and we were pretty scared to start again the next morning thinking things would get worse. But oddly enough she was pretty much fine, except for the occasional random tantrum and a few small spit ups. Over night she slept really good except she woke up for 4 bottles! This is a warning sign for me, as it suggests comfort feeding. When Abbey has a slightly sore stomach she seems to think she is hungry and will eat just to make her tummy not hurt for a little while. Of course not realising she is only making it worse. Normally now she only wakes for 1 or 2 bottles during the night.

The next day the tantrums got worse. Abbey is normally a very happy content baby and when she isn't having a reaction i rarely hear her. She will play quietly by herself  or with Connor and not even be overly fussed if Connor steals a toy off her.

Then we get to last night and i can be pretty certain now that things aren't going well. She had two massive non-stop screaming sessions. The first lasted for 1.5hrs and the second 45min. These times don't sound overly long, but trust me, in the middle of the night it seems to take forever! I also know the screaming was worse then most of the screaming she does at night because Abbey even managed to wake Reuben up! In all these months that has only happened a few times! I finally managed to get her to sleep the first time by massaging her tummy with a heat pack and the second time that didn't work so i was left to walk around and around the house while holding her. She is getting WAY too heavy to do that with now though and my back is paying the price!

Today she has been a very very miserable girl and has wanted me to hold her constantly. I got a call from the dietitian and we have decided to give her a break over the weekend and give it another go next week. If it still doesn't work we will have to try the Pepti-Jr formula.

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