My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Iyla is on day 6 of broccoli and things seem to be improving and not getting worse. YAY!! The first few days there was some sleep trouble and grumpiness but that went away and she is sleeping great and is really happy all day long. There has been lots of explosive, mucousy, instant butt burning poop. But as the days go by this seems to be getting better. Yesterday and today her poo has still been horrible but not half as much mucous. It actually seems like her body may be building up a tolerance to broccoli which is awesome! Iyla is loving it too and gets so excited when i put her in her highchair to be fed. We are sticking to 4tsp a day until her poo is normal again then we will increase slowly. Hoping and praying it continues to go well!!!

 Miss broccoli face!

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  1. Hope it continues to go well and that you can introduce another food soon :-) Well done Iyla