My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Growing out of the severe sensitivity???

Yesterday was one of those days where Iyla managed to find every bit of food on the floor. In the morning she ate a tiny piece of a biscuit and a cheerio. We were expecting a reaction, especially from the cheerio but nothing happened. She was her happy self all morning. Then at about 3.30pm she somehow managed to find a twistie. We thought for sure something bad would happen seeing as rice and corn are the main ingredients and two of her worst foods. But apart from a couple of random screaming episodes in the evening she seemed ok. We did have a terrible night where she barely slept and screamed most of the night but no vomiting and so far this morning no diarrhoea (she is very unhappy this morning though and hasn't let me put her down). We are hopeful that this means as she is getting older her stomach isn't quite as sensitive as it was when she was a tiny baby. We are sure she is still allergic to these foods but she probably just needs more of them to cause a bad reaction.

Broccoli is still going great too. She is eating full servings with no problems what so ever. So exciting to say she has a SAFE food!! Hurray!!!  :) :) :) 

 She makes such a mess! Broccoli everywhere!

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  1. Great news Tash :-) Iyla must be one of very few babies who love broccoli