My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Finally some improvement!!

I was starting to think this day would never come again! But Abbey seems to be back to her happy self...hurray!! 3 weeks of screaming, spewing a couple of times a day and diarrhea were a bit too much for me to handle. But since Friday we started seeing small improvements every day. The reason for this i am guessing is because i started adding probiotics to her milk. I used to give it to her every day but somewhere along the way i stopped and had totally forgotten about doing it since. It wasn't until someone reminded me how good probiotics were for the stomach lining that i thought i would give it a try again. I have special probiotics i got from my naturopath. The normal one you get from a chemist have food products in it and Abbey reacted to that. Thankfully this one i am using now has been a great success. I'm not sure of all the ingredients but i do know that obviously it hasn't got any of Abbey's 'bad' foods in it.

I'll have to remember to give it to her everyday and hopefully we will see her get over her fails a bit quicker. Obvious the wheat was just too much on her stomach and caused really bad inflammation of her stomach lining. That is probably why she stopped tolerating her formula too and everything just built up.

After talking to Abbey's dietician yesterday we have decided to give her a break till Friday and see how she is going. We will hopefully have the results back from her stool sample too and we will see if there is anything else going on that we might not know about. We are also still waiting for a gastroenterologist appointment and hope we get in soon. Our case has been classed as urgent, but i guess there are still other kids/people that are worse off then us. Right now that is a bit hard to imagine, what can be worse then a 15 month old baby not tolerating any food at all? But i'm sure others do have worse and have probably been waiting even longer. I'll try be patient. I am just so desperate for answers and so desperate for Abbey to eat something.

I want to also take this time to thank everyone for all the thoughts, kind words and prayers. It is so nice to belong to such an amazing community and church that is always willing to help out. It means so much to me.


  1. Nicole Van Wijk22 May 2012 at 22:03

    Natasha you sound like such a great must be so difficult to watch her in so much pain...praying you find a solution for Abbey and that our Heavenly Father will give patience to you and the rest of your family. Stay strong! :)

  2. So happy she is feeling better and so glad you can have a break from an very upset child. Pray things will get better. Johanna 't Hart