My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy kids = Very happy Mum!!!

Today was a very rare day in our household. Both the kids were happy almost all of the day. It was so great to see them playing nicely together and to be able to put Abbey down without her becoming a screaming mess. I even got to spend some time crocheting - A hobby that i haven't had time to get into for many months. It was amazing as when i usually manage to get out my crocheting i have one or both of the kids crying at me to read them stories, or they do anything that will make me have to get up. But today both Abbey and Connor loved it and i became especially good at multitasking! At one time i was bouncing Abbey on my legs, had become a race track for Connor's dinky cars and was busy crocheting away a gorgeous beanie.

We were all happy! Its amazing how one day of normalcy can make me feel on top of the world! I feel ready again to charge head on into the coming challenges with a positive attitude.

- I have to admit that having a clean house does wonders to my mood as well!

Talking about a clean house, i had to clean out one of my cupboards today to hide the bin in. It is Abbey's newest find and she is most excited to find that there is FOOD in it. Something we really don't want her getting into when we aren't looking!

I also spoke to the dietitian today and tomorrow is the day we are meant to start our wheat trial. I am a bit apprehensive to start already because after writing to some great ladies on a facebook FPIES group i am a part of i have heard that it is best to wait a week or two after a fail to let the inflammation on the the stomach go down. If her stomach hasn't healed properly yet we will have a higher chance of another fail. We really don't want that. But after voicing my concerns to the dietitian, she seemed to think that there was no reason to wait any longer and that because Abbey has no safe foods, she really just wants her trying foods again as soon as she is back to baseline - having no reaction symptoms. I feel a bit torn as to what to do. We haven't been with this dietitian long and i really want to trust her professional opinion. But i also don't want to be doing the wrong thing for Abbey. For now we will stick with the dietitian and if we continue to see that the way she wants to run the trials aren't working with Abbey we will look into it again.

Please pray that this trial works and we can have wheat added to Abbey's diet!  

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