My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Friday, 27 April 2012

I was wrong

I am so devastated right now. Abbey's cauliflower trial is a BIG FAT FAIL!! I was so sure at the start that she would be fine with it and when she started with the crying on the second day i didn't want to believe it. But after 5 days of horrible reflux, trouble sleeping, lots of crying and vomiting the last 2 days there is no doubt about it. We even kept the amount of cauliflower we fed her to only 2 teaspoons. After the crying already started on Monday we were hoping that by not increasing the amount every day we could get her used to it slowly. But obviously that didn't work either. It still amazes me that such a tiny amount of food every day can cause her so many problems. It is all so unfair for her, the excitement on her face that first day (and every other day) was priceless and i'm so sad i have to deprive her of food...yet again. Sadly we are back to square one. 

Now we need to wait until she is fully back to her happy self again and then we are going to start our next trial. Wheat. We are a bit unsure about this one but are just going to bite the bullet and try it, as it will add so many different foods and textures into her diet. It will also be a great filler for her and hopefully she will stop waking so often at night for something to eat.

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