My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Food that is 'allowed'

Finally, after a very long two months we have started Abbey on her first food trial. It was a very exciting moment to put the food in front of her and see what she thought about it. She was a bit unsure at first and kept looking at me like i was about to tell her she wasn't allowed to eat it. After i put the first bit in her mouth though she was onto it, and loved every second. I was a very proud and happy mum!

We are starting with cauliflower as that was one of the safe foods she had before her birthday. We are expecting her to do fine on the first few foods we try as we know that they were safe before. Her two months break should have given her tummy time to heal. But we are still doing a proper cautious trial just in case. Yesterday being the first day, i started by giving her just 1 teaspoons. Today, she will get 2 teaspoons and tomorrow 4. We will continue to double the amount everyday for 5 days and see where we are at. While doing this trial i also have to keep a very detailed journal of everything that Abbey does, what she eats, when and how long she sleeps, the colour, consistency and times she poops and also her moods. This will help me get a better understanding of what is going on and if we might be seeing a delayed reaction. (sometimes she can be fine with a food for a few days before she starts to react to it. The reaction gets worse the more she gets fed).

It is exciting and nerve racking to start this journey of food trails. I am so badly hoping for lots of passes and just want Abbey to be able to eat like a normal child. But i am also so scared of feeding her foods that make her sick. It is the worst thing to see my adorable little girl doubled over in agony and know that there is not much i can do for a the next few hours that will make her feel any better. I'm praying we don't have too many of those times ahead and that Abbey's stomach is able to tolerate more foods soon.


  1. Hope with you that this will be the start of a bit of a 'calmer' life for you and and a painless, happier life for your little girl!

  2. Tash I had no idea! Poor little Abbey, I hope her food trial is going well. We have a toddler in our playgroup that has ausEE, is that similar to fpies? Look forward to hearing Abbey's progress and thinking and praying for you, Abbey and family x

    1. Thanks Dina and Camille :)
      Camille, I don't know much about EE, but i do know that it is similar and there are kids with FPIES that also have EE.