My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 16 April 2012


I finally feel a little bit more in control again and not so much on the verge of tears anymore. After one terrible week things are improving (up until last night, but that is a whole different story and not formula related as far as we know). I spoke to Abbey's dietitian on Friday and she suggested i lower the amount of formula powder i was adding to water. To start with i was following the guide lines on the tin which said to mix 8 scoops of formula with 170ml of water. Now i am adding only 3 scoops of formula to 190ml of water. That is a huge decrease in formula and we are really noticing it on how hungry Abbey is now. She is barely managing 3 hours between bottles during the day and is back to having 3-4 bottles overnight. BUT there are positives and that is that she is back to her happy self!! Her vomiting, spitting up and diarrhoea are all gone too. 

Because of the watering down of the formula she is also drinking it heaps better because it doesn't taste so bad and everyday since Friday i have added slightly more Neocate formula to the goats milk and we are now up to 190ml Neocate to 50ml of goats milk formula.Hopefully within the next few days i can cut out the goats milk altogether and things will keep going good! now we get to the whole other story i mentioned at the start. Last night, when i got home from church i noticed that Abbey was very grumpy and was spitting up heaps. I tried not to stress but after a terrible night of screaming, and waking up every hour or 2 i couldn't help but think that the formula was still not working. I was talking to Reuben about it this morning and saying that i thought we might have to cut back on the formula and mix it with some more goats milk formula again. It was then that he decided to tell me that he had fished a cracker out of her mouth while i was at church....that explained everything. After a pretty grumpy day today, and one mucus filled green poop she seems to be back to normal again. So that proves to me it was more the likely the cracker and not the formula. Phew!!

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