My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Back to NO safe foods

Things still aren't getting any better...its actually been getting worse. Monday night Abbey barely slept and yesterday she only had a tiny nap during the day and screamed almost the whole day. Yesterday I decided to pull all foods again. I am so devastated. Its the worst thing to have to tell a 17 month old that has only just started eating a few foods (and totally loving it) that she can't eat anything anymore. She has no idea that food is what causes all her pain and of course she doesn't understand why I'm not letting her eat. I think dinner times are going to cause some tantrums. Hopefully she only needs a week or two break before we can start adding foods again. She did sleep better last night, only waking for bottles and didn't do any screaming. But today she still isn't a very happy girl. I really hope cutting foods will improve things for us all and that it's not her formula causing the problems. The would be terrible!! She definitely reacts to her formula in more concentrated amounts but having it diluted has been working so far. If she is starting to react to even the diluted amount i don't know what we will do. 

We are also still waiting to see a doctor about her possible seizures. She hasn't had anymore so hopefully that means it was either from her feeling so sick she just didn't want to interact with anyone, or because she was dehydrated. 

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