My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Friday, 27 July 2012

PMH frustration!!

We have now joined all the other people in realising how frustrating our health system can be! Lots of lack of communication! I received a phone call from PMH yesterday basically telling me that they had booked Abbey in on Tuesday. We have been waiting for this so it didn't even cross my mind that this date might not work and i just agreed to it. I spoke to Reuben later on and he told me that there is something wrong with our car and he has it booked in to get fixed next Wednesday and that we really shouldn't drive it for 4 hours, so i had to try change our appointment date. I had no number to call back to change appointments but thankfully someone rang me this morning to confirm our appointment. I asked her if there was a possibility of changing it to the week after and she said she would look into it and ring me back. By 4pm i still hadn't received a phone call so i rang her (i had remembered to get her number this time) only to be told that everyone had gone home at 2pm and i would have to call back on Monday. So now i have to wait all weekend without being able to make any plans and have no way to organise accommodation at Ronald MacDonald House like we were planning. If we still need to go up to Perth coming Tuesday i have no idea what we are going to do! I am just really hoping that we manage to get our appointment changed and don't have to stress too much. I really hate not knowing what is going on!

On a positive note we are very thankful that they are taking us seriously and that Abbey will get all the tests done that need to be done. We have been told that they don't know how long we are going to be up there for. It could be days it could be weeks. It all depends on how her tests go and also how her food trials go. I really hope we get some answers and that they will be able to help in some sort of way to manage to get Abbey tolerating at least a few foods. 

Abbey is still not eating any solids, but we have added an extra scoop of formula powder to her bottles to help her not feel so hungry. With the 4 scoops she was having before she was drinking 13 bottles in a 24hr period. Now with 5 scoops she is back down to 9 bottles. She is still very unhappy about not being able to eat and i am so desperate for her to eat again. I'm always so tempted to give in and let her have a bite. But i know that will only lead to hours of screaming. So a few tantrums is easier to deal with then that.

Her diarrhoea isn't as bad as it was before, in that she isn't pooing as often. But they are still very green, runny and foul smelling! Overall her mood is ok, but night times are getting worse by the day again. Hopefully it's not the formula causing this and its just her stomach getting used to everything again.

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