My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 23 July 2012

Saw the doctor

I finally got in to see Abbey's doctor this morning. We talked about her weird spaced out episodes and the doctor is convinced that they were seizures. She said these type of seizures don't cause any brain damage and aren't really dangerous, but she still wants me to try video one if we see it happen again. Then she can give me some more advise and tell me if they really are seizures or not. From there we will decide if anything needs to be done about them.

We also weighed Abbey and she has lost half a kilo. The dietician is not going to be happy with this. But i'm hoping it means that things with PMH will get rolling quicker. The doctor also wasn't impressed that we still hasn't heard from PMH so she rang them herself and got them to put us on the urgent list. We were meant to be on the urgent list months ago but obviously there was lack of communication or something. Hopefully this time is works and we can get another appointment and get some tests done to make sure nothing else is going on. 

In regards to Abbey's mood and sleep, things have improved heaps! On Friday morning i was at my wits end. She had been off all food for days and there was still no improvement. Things were only getting worse. I was heading off to Perth without the kids first thing Friday morning and i was so scared to leave Abbey with Reuben the way that she was. I decided to try put some onion juice in her ear just to make sure it wasn't another ear infection. (I actually think her reactions cause her ears to become inflamed along with her other cold like symptoms. I don't think they are proper ear infections but an ear ache can be pretty painful!!) 1 min after the juice was in both ears the screaming just stopped. She stopped throwing herself around and actually drank a full bottle for the first time in days and then went off and played happily! We were both stunned and felt guilty for not trying this sooner. I left for Perth a little more relaxed and Reuben did a fantastic job with the kids!! I managed a couple of full nights sleep with the aid of sleeping tablets just to make sure i did sleep the whole night! I feel so refreshed!! Abbey was perfect the whole 2 days and only woke Reuben once a night!! She kept up the trend last night too so lets hope it lasts!

When i saw the doctor today, she confirmed that Abbey's ears were pretty red and painful looking. We will continue with the onion for a few days and hope it clears up.

The only thing that is really causing concern now is diarrhoea. Yep, its back, and getting worse by the day. I'm not sure what to make of this and not really sure what is causing it. I'll get to talk to the dietician tomorrow so i will see what she says about it.

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