My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The weird and the wonderful

I have been asked by a few people to update my blog and i'm sorry it has taken so long. I just haven't really been in a mood for writing and i also don't really know how to explain what i need to write. But i'll give it my best shot.

So as most of you know we are back from hospital and the endoscopy came back clear for inflammation, EoE and Celiacs. After this test was done the doctors and immunologists wanted to start trialing Abbey on foods to see what her reactions were like. They started feeding her all the foods that she reacted to the worst. First they tried carrot, but that one didn't work as she threw up shortly after eating it due to feeling sick from the general anesthetic. The next day she was given weetbix for breakfast to start trialing wheat. Then she was given spinach for lunch and then pasta for dinner. We were shocked and a bit embarrassed when she had no reaction what so ever! The doctors were confused but said maybe she will have a more delayed reaction so they wanted to keep us in the hospital and continue to feed her food and see if anything happened. The next day Abbey was given weetbix again, then chicken for lunch and rice for dinner. Apart from a good sized vomit overnight and a pretty restless sleep things were still fine. Nothing like the hours of screaming in agony that we usually had from foods at home though. The normal mucus filled diarrhoea also never started. We were even more embarrassed and VERY confused!! Abbey's immunologist came to see us on the Friday morning and told us that Abbey's reactions were all behavioural and if things went bad when we got home again we just had to give her time out when she screamed. Of course this made me very angry! An 18 month old screaming inconsolably ages after being given a food and it being "behavioural" does not make sense. They have a short memory and lack the ability to tantrum about something hours after the event. And besides, Abbey LOVES food! She would eat anything we gave her and if she really wanted to be behavioural about food i would think it would start with the refusing to eat it. So i have no doubt in my mind that Abbey's reactions are NOT behavioural and they have been VERY VERY real. There is something else at play that has caused her to not have any reactions. And that is what brings me to the story of my chiropractor.  

A week before we went to take Abbey to hospital i had taken Abbey to see my chiropractor. He has been very interested in helping me find cures for Abbey's allergies and since she was a baby he has taught me things like the muscle testing and has also done things with her to hopefully help. Previously none of it has worked. The last time i saw him he wanted to do some tests to see if anything else was the problem and not just the foods. He does this technique called NAET which stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. If you click on the link it will take you to a site that explains it. It is very weird and i seriously didn't think it would work, but i was kind of desperate and i had heard of it working for a lady in America who has a son the same age as Abbey who also was allergic to pretty much everything. After 3 sessions he was able to eat everything. The chiro started off by using the muscle testing i have talked about previously to work out if there was any other problems. According to his test she is allergic to amino acids. Amino acids are directly related to protein, so that makes sense that she was reacting to the protein in foods. After he worked this out he did massaging on some acupressure points down her spine, in the fleshy part between her thumbs and fingers and also on the tip of her ears. I know VERY weird and i can understand if people don't believe this. I used to be one of those people, but now i have seen the results for myself and i cannot deny their effectiveness. When we were in hospital and Abbey wasn't reacting it slightly crossed my mind that what the chiro had done must have worked, but i didn't really want to believe it as it still doesn't really makes sense to me. But i have no other explanation. It was only 4 weeks ago that Abbey had a terrible reaction to a teeny bite of a biscuit. She screamed hysterically for 3 hours and had diarrhoea the next few days. After doing this technique she is now eating wheat every single day without any problems. There is no other way for that to be possible. I don't think it is possible for her to have outgrown her reaction in a month. I have heard that the technique needs to be done a few times to hold its effectiveness but after that patients should be allergy free forever. I will be taking Abbey again next week just to be on the safe side. There is no way i want her to go back to the life she had before of not eating anything. Even if i have to take her to the chiro every few weeks it will be totally worth it. It is the most amazing experience seeing her eating and totally loving it! We are so happy and so thankful to God for answering our prayers! He deserves all the thanks and praises! 

Ok so now on to what Abbey is eating. Here is her new safe list:
We are still trialing foods slowly to make sure there are no problems and so we know if she does react to something we know what it is. Today we have started trialing eggs. I got to make her some apple muffins and got to use all 'normal' ingredients. It was very exciting!!


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