My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Saturday, 16 November 2013

2 days to go

Tomorrow we leave for Perth for Iyla's appointment at PMH on Monday with the allergist. I'm not sure how i feel about it. I'm happy to be going to hopefully get some help and support for the little miss, but it also brings back memories of being there with Abbey and being made to look like a complete idiot. I guess from their point of view i would have looked pretty crazy. Coming with claims i had a daughter who got extremely sick from all sorts of food and then them feeding her huge amounts of those foods and her not having a single reaction. How was I to know that the NAET treatment we had just started trying had already worked? They probably thought i was a total hypochondriac. Hopefully they don't think i'm one this time. Honestly, even though i often feel like i'm crazy myself, this whole thing is very real.

Over the last few days things with Iyla haven't been very good. She still smiles and is starting to laugh a little bit more but over all she is pretty miserable. She had one really good day with pretty much no vomiting, but the next day it was back in full force and has been like that ever since. Her sleeping is also terrible. During the day she only catnaps 20-40min at a time and she is waking me 3-6 times at night screaming. She is barely drinking anything. Today she had half a bottle at 7.45am and then refused another bottle until 3.30pm. 8 hours without anything to drink is just a little too long during the day. Another thing that has been happening a lot since starting this new formula is some weird and scary breathing. She has had it a few times with reactions in the past but now it happens at least once a day and sometimes multiple times. It lasts anywhere from 10min to a few hours. It doesn't matter if she is awake or sleeping, it just sounds a little worse when she is sleeping because she is breathing deeper. I've been doing some research and it seems to be a form of croup that is caused by allergies and reflux. I have added a video so you can hear it. I'll have to talk to her allergist, but all these symptoms to me sound like this new formula is also not working for her. So frustrating!!!

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