My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Rough week

This week has been pretty crazy. On Tuesday Iyla had a really bad reaction and it's killing me that i don't know what it was from. When she has a reaction (and i remember the same with Abbey) I kind of go in psycho mode, trying to figure out what caused it. She started vomiting at about 10am so it must have been between 7-7.30am that she was exposed to the food. The only thing that remotely makes sense is one of the kids touched her dummy or her after they ate cheerios for breakfast. But i didn't see them near her that morning so i'm still a bit baffled. But anything can happen and kids are so quick. Anyway she vomited every 20-30min till late that afternoon. In the end she was just vomiting bile. She barely slept and was completely miserable.

Since Tuesday she has barely been drinking, her sleeping at night has been terrible, she is still having lots of stomach pains and still doing lots of random big vomits and constant spit up. Yesterday i was seriously considering taking her to the hospital because she was starting to get pretty dehydrated. Her nappies were almost constantly dry. In a 24hr period i think she only did 3-4 wee's. I decided to wait until late afternoon yesterday and finally when she woke up from her nap she got hungry. She drank 2 bottles within 4 hours and then finally her nappies were getting full again. This morning she woke up and she had wet through her nappy. I've never been so happy about wet clothes and bed sheets. Today she has been happy and hasn't spewed half as much.

We also got some results back from her blood tests. We found out that she is low on iron and vitamin D. It seems to be quite common in FPIES kids to be low on vitamin D and i've heard lots of success stories about more foods being tolerated once the vitamin D is sorted out. Iyla needs to go on a multi vitamin (which i'm hoping she doesn't react to) and she will have another blood draw in 3 months to see what her levels are then. NOT looking forward to that!! 

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  1. Just thinking about Vit.D levels (sorry, you probably know already): take her outside when it's sunny as much as possible! Bodies produce Vit.D when exposed to sunlight. So hope for you all that things improve soon!