My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Thursday, 7 November 2013

PMH here we come

It has been 5 days now since we started Iyla on her new formula. Things have been up and down but i think overall she is doing ok. The first day she did good. She tried to refuse the bottle a few times but with a bit of persistence she drank it. The second day was rough. She only slept 10-30min at a time, she was sooo grumpy, she was spitting up like crazy and it wasn't even milk coming up. It was clear like water but slimy/mucousy. I'm guessing it was stomach acid. It hurt her a lot to come up. Her poo was gross, but that is normal with hydrolysed formula so as long as there is no mucus in it i'll try not stress about it. As the days have passed she has been happier. She is still having random screaming fits but they aren't lasting too long thankfully. She is still having troubles sleeping during the day but night times she is sleeping through the night. Yay!! Her spewing is still bad and she has vomited yellow bile a few times. But i guess as long as she is happy i shouldn't worry.

Today she had a reaction which was pretty awful. I didn't wash my hands after cleaning up the kids breakfast and they had, had porridge. I didn't realise i had some oats stuck on my hand, but i was wiping a little bit of spew off Iyla's mouth and of course the oats got on her lip. I was trying to wipe it off, but she was throwing herself around and managed to get it in her mouth and swallow it. 2.5hrs later she woke up in a pool of vomit. Her screaming wasn't too bad if i was holding her thankfully, but she was still miserable. Over the course of the day she vomited 3 more times and soaked herself and me in spitup. She barely slept all day and kept refusing her bottles. She seemed to be feeling lots better by bedtime, so hopefully she sleeps good now.

Ok so now onto PMH. I got a letter in the mail today with an appointment date for the 18th of this month!! Can't believe how soon it is! I'm really hoping the allergist will be able to rule out any other issues and help us as we move forward.

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