My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 25 November 2013

Horrible horrible torture

Poor little miss Iyla had to have blood drawn today to test for IgE mediated allergies (these are the normal allergies like peanuts, lactose intolerance ect and should come back negative) and also to test her vitamin levels just in case something is lacking there. It was so horrible! Two nurses had to do it, one holding her down and the other drawing the blood. I got to be the good guy trying to comfort her. I wasn't very good at it though because i was trying so hard not to become a blubbering mess myself. Poor Iyla went hysterical. It was so sad.

She is doing really good on her new formula though. As you know we have slowly been introducing it adding a little more of it to each bottle every day. As the days have past over the last week we have been seeing a little bit of improvement every day. She has been happier, she has spewed less and her sleeping has been getting a lots better too. Going from waking 5+ times down to only once on Saturday night. Then yesterday we started giving her full neocate. She slept through the night last night and has been REALLY happy today and has barely spewed. She has only soaked 2 burp cloths instead of the usual 6-10 a day. After the way Abbey reacted to neocate we were sure we would be in for the same drama. But so far so good! It's very promising...but we can't get our hopes up too quickly yet. It took her 2 months to start reacting to the goats milk formula and 2 weeks to start reacting to the Allerpro one. It could still happen. But for now we will just thoroughly enjoy our happy little girl and hope and pray it continues to work for her :).

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