My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Monday, 2 December 2013

Poem about FPIES

Yesterday was a horrible day for poor little miss Iyla. I feel bad because i decided to start giving her the multivitamins on Sunday afternoon, obviously not the right decision. She had been doing so well on Saturday and Sunday morning and was finally over her reaction from last week. We did the muscle testing with the multivitamins and my arm was strong, which means she should have been fine with it. That was really the thing that made me give it to her. I want her vitamin D levels to be up before we start solids as we are hoping that will help her tolerate more foods. I gave her the vitamin drops at about lunch time and by that night things were already going down hill. She was really struggling to go to sleep and seemed to be in a lot of pain. She wasn't spewing any more then normal so i wasn't sure if it was the vitamins or not. That night was awful. She woke up so many times screaming and in pain. By Monday morning she seemed to be a bit better so i thought maybe it was just a fluke bad night. She was still a bit miserable and having trouble sleeping though. I gave her more of the vitamins at lunch time again. Because there was no real sign of reaction i wanted to try it again and see what happened. She was awake for an hour or so afterward but then when i put her to bed she only slept 20min. She woke up screaming blue murder and when i took her out of bed she did a massive projectile vomit. It was bright neon yellow as that is the colour of the multivitamin. 

For the rest of the afternoon it was a mix of screaming, crying, whinging, spewing, curling up in pain and not sleeping. I finally got her down for the night at 6.30pm. She woke a few times crying but patting her butt got her back to sleep ok. But then at 8pm she woke up screaming again. The poor little thing was in so much pain. As i was rocking her and trying to get her back to sleep i was inspired to write a poem about what it's like watching her have a reaction like that. It took till 10.30 to finally get her back to sleep properly, but then thankfully she slept good until 4.30 this morning. Hopefully today is better. We redid the muscle testing last night and my arm was VERY weak! Sometimes it does that when she has a build up reaction. I remember it with Abbey too. Definitely no more multivitamins though!!!


The screaming has subsided now, I hold you in my arms.
I whisper softly in your ear, some verses from the Psalms.
You try to sleep, your eyes closed tight,
We all wish you to go night night.
But stomach pains will not recede,
A sleepless night just might succeed.

I watch your tiny body struggle, I kiss your clammy skin.
You wriggle, squirm and fight the pain, you bring your knees up to your chin.
Your breath is raspy, you cough and gag,
A massive vomit wiped up with a rag.
This misery I would take from you
It’s such a cruel thing for you to go through.

I stare at you and my heart just aches, I smooth your fuzzy hair.
Another cramp which brings a groan, it’s all too much to bear.
What can I do, but wait it out?
Just know I love you without doubt.
I’ll hold you close, for another hour
And pray that God will give me the power.

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