My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Reflux meds # 2 = FAIL!!!

Some people already know this but i thought i better update my blog anyway. On Thursday, just after i wrote my last post my doctor called and said she would like us to try another reflux med with Iyla. I couldn't get hold of the dietician still so we were kind of on our own. My doctor read out the ingredients over the phone and it didn't sound like there was any food product names in there that i knew so i thought we might as well try it. She wanted us to try Zantac. I picked it up that day and decided to try it on Friday. I had to give her 1ml twice a day. I gave her the first dose in the morning. She spat most of it out. For the whole morning she was really happy. Then 4 hours after she had the meds she started spewing. She did small spews constantly for 2 hours and screamed A LOT!! At the end of the two hours she did a massive spew but was thankfully happier after that. On Saturday morning she did a disgusting poo that exploded out of her nappy and soaked through her clothes. It was also full of mucus. Since that fail i have learned that Zantac is made using corn syrup. Wish i had figured that out before giving it to her...sigh.

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