My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Reflux meds = FAIL

I've been meaning to update this for a few days but i've been crazy busy and haven't had time. As my title tells you, the reflux meds were a big fat fail. So frustrating!! The first 2 days were good, she was lots happier, was sleeping better but was spewing HEAPS more. This already made me a little nervous but it seemed to be helping for the acidic pain of her spew coming back up. The 3rd day, she was terribly grumpy and sleep became a huge issue. Every sleep she needed to be rocked (well really shaken) to sleep. I was getting more suss by then but decided to give it one more try. Bad decision! On Monday she screamed almost all day long. Like a hysterical, in agony, someone please help me kind of scream. It was awful!! She was constantly pulling her legs up, wriggling and squirming in pain and there was nothing really that helped. I tried a bath but she wasn't even happy in there. Every now and again a tummy massage worked for a few minutes but then the pain just came back again. Getting her to sleep was a huge mission, but thankfully once asleep she was so exhausted she managed to stay asleep for 2 hours. It was a well needed break. Her spewing also became insane. It was one projectile after another, all over me, all over her, all over the house. She only did one poo a day during the trail but those were light green, so runny they just instantly got soaked into her nappy and there were globs of mucus through it. We stopped giving the meds and within 12 hours she was back to her normal little self. Poor little miss.

Now i just need to wait until i can get in contact with the dietician. She isn't replying to my emails so i think she may already be on holidays. Looks like things will be at a stand still up until the middle of next month. I'm in no hurry to start solids so now i just hope we can keep her reaction free for a few weeks. My nazi floor cleaning has started as Iyla is getting very ready to start crawling. She manages to get her self all over the place. I'm getting a playpen from a friend (which i keep forgetting to pick up) so hopefully having her more contained will make things easier.

I also want to take the time to thank everyone for helping me through this difficult time. I haven't been coping very well but to see how everyone is so willing to make me meals and give me words of encouragement and support mean everything.
A special thanks goes out to my amazing sister! You are the best! And my mum who is always a willing ear to listen to my complaining and help out in whatever way she can. Love you both a ton!

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