My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Sunday, 22 December 2013


It seems that there is just one thing after another lately and it has really been getting me down. I'm finding it hard to stay positive. So i've decided i need to write down some of the positives in life. I know that i am greatly blessed!

- I have God in my life to help me get through all the hard times!
- I have 3 beautiful children!
- Iyla's and Abbey's allergies are not going to last forever!
- We have good days where Iyla isn't in any pain!
- Iyla has slept through the night for 4 nights in a row!
- It is summer and we have beautiful weather!
- Reuben is on holidays so i'm not dealing with it all on my own for a few weeks!
- I have amazing family and friends!
- I am apart of a very caring, loving and supportive church community!

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