My Little Pie

My Little Pie

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Just another update

It's been a bit of a hard past week, each day has slowly been getting worse. Iyla isn't reacting to her formula (unless it's building up to that...hoping and praying it's not!!) but she has pretty bad reflux from it. She is still very spewy and now hates laying down as it seems to cause her a lot of pain. You can just imagine how this is affecting her sleep. During the day she is taking hours to get to sleep once she is tired. She constantly squirms, screams and has to burp and spew. It's very tiring and extremely frustrating. Even when we hold her she has trouble falling to sleep, although it doesn't take as long. It's just a restart of the battle once she is put back in bed. I have raised her mattress to a 40 degree angle but it's not helping much. She is also only cat napping. Sleeping only 20-40min at a time. Randomly she will have good days and then sleep 1-2hrs at a time but that has only happened three times in the past week. At night it is still a huge battle to get her to sleep but once asleep she isn't waking too often. Usually 1-3 times a night screaming because she needs to burp or spew. She is probably just so exhausted from not much sleep during the day that she just passes out. Thankfully when she is awake during the day she is mostly happy, although yesterday was a horrible day of crying way more then she was happy. Her poo is still normal so that is what is telling me it's not a reaction.

I got a call from the dietician this afternoon and we are going to get a reflux medication prescribed for her and see if that helps. I already have a doctors appointment on Thursday and will hopefully get her onto Losec. I know it can take up to 2 weeks to see any improvement, i'm just hoping it's sooner. It's so hard to see my little one in pain so much.

Once the reflux is sorted out, we are going to start Iyla on a thickened form of neocate formula called neocate spoon. She 'shouldn't' react to this but it has more corn in it i think as the thickener and there are still a few kids that do react to it. If she tolerates it, this will be her first introduction to a solid 'food'. It will also hopefully help for the reflux.

Once we know she is tolerating the neocate spoon, then we will start with solids. I'm guessing this is all going to take some time so she probably wont even begin solids until the end of January, early February. I'm in no hurry though. It's all too scary! She is starting to get very interested in food though, she watches us so closely when we are eating and is always trying to reach out and grab it. She will just have to be patient.

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